Our Services

You can easily get in contact with us, as well as the members of our community on the Discord Server to get answers on any questions you have about the products and the services.

Most products and services are also located on the server. 

Discord Server

 Our Discord Server is the heart of everything. Most of our services & products can be found in there, but most importantly it's where our community grows together. 

In the free section of the server there is a general chat, a weekly free trade & links to recommend trading resources.

In the paid section, everything trading related Timothy does is published with full insight. FX, Stock & Crypto trades. Market commentary & relevant news.

All trades are displayed with Entry, Take Profit, Stop Loss and risk. 

X1K Account Flip

 X1K is something we've been doing for fun as more of a gambling oriented approach to trading the last few years. We trade a small live account very aggressively and try to increase it as much as possible over one month. Subscribers can follow along on what we do as each trade is published with all parameters displayed.

Following this can be a fun way of treating trading as gambling under a limited amount of time but it also provides some great understanding to risk management and what effects leverage has in the FX markets. 

X1K is a responsible way of displaying irresponsible trading. 

More Information Soon.

Trading Like A Professional

 We have compiled a completed guide with trading methods, psychology & risk management that we apply daily. The pdf contains pages on pages of charts displaying examples with in-depth explanations and comments alongside it. 

This isn't some magical strategy or system. It's just an in-depth explanation of what we look for when we trade, and how we manage ourselves and our trades. It's a great place to start for the trader who's more in the early stage of the learning curve, but more experienced traders can also pick up a thing here-or-there from our trading style. 

If you consider following our trades in the discord, we highly recommend you read through this thoroughly to understand how and why we take trades. 

More Information Soon.

Managed Accounts

 Managed accounts are when you deposit you funds into your own trading account, but a trader is granted access to execute trades with your funds. The trader cant access the funds in any other way than through trading, and you sign an agreement beforehand stating the terms and fees. 

Managed accounts is not the main business of 4EX Watch, and is only offered to selected clients.

Any inquires will require proof of funds before any further steps are taken. 

More Information Soon.

Trading Analysis

Through our proprietary algorithmic trading systems, we have access to very sophisticated trading analysis software to determine strength and weaknesses in any track record, manual or automated. 

We can provide a full analysis of you track record, with a scoring system on each parameter measured. Afterwards, we include a 1h call where we go through the report together with tips and thoughts on how you can improve and what areas require your attention. 

This service is perfect if you are considering doing a trading challenge like for example FTMO and want to determine beforehand how your strategy would manage under the restrictions,

or if you wanna know where your real edge shines through and how to perfect it. 

More Information Soon.


For selected individuals, we can provide some funding options. 

We do not offer an proprietary funding platform, but through our professional background in the industry, the network is large with access to a more institutional approach to funding, where we can assist the right candidate in drafting a tear sheet and presenting this to key players in the professional industry. 

To be eligible the candidate must have a solid, extensive track record of live trading with a reputable broker of minimum 2 years. 

More Information Soon.